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The One Glove Breakfast Show w/ Macca & Phat Phil Cooper

London, 29.07.23

Stay left and take a trip with Macca's Saturday breakfast show on NTS. Weekend musings and eclectic cuts from all over the place, it's a low-key affair and you're all invited. ONE GLOVE!!!


  • 0:00:12
    Larry Heard 
    Summertime Breeze
  • 0:08:20
    Kareem Ali
    Please, Forever Keep Me Near
  • 0:11:00
    Ryo Kawasaki (Andi Hanley mix) 
    Hawaiian Caravan (Andi Hanley Rework)
  • John Carroll Kirby 
    Sun Go Down
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, King Owusu
    Obana feat. King Owusu
  • P. Affagato
    Just To Need (D. Gelato’s Really Ice Cream Chilly Spaced Out Dub Mix)
  • Matthew Halsall 
    Calder Shapes
  • Jeff Parker, The New Breed 
    Max Brown
  • Dina Ögon 
  • Nick & Samantha, Chris Coco
  • John Klemmer 
  • Joe Dasdsin
    Blue Country (Home Made Ice Cream)
  • Jim 
    Still River Flow
  • Joan Bibiloni
    Badia Onirica (English Version) (Ft. Rhys Ifans)
  • Jacob Gurevitsch 
    Elevation In Minor
  • Tambores En Benirras 
    Un Placer Celestial (Reprise)
  • Jessie Ware 
    Remember Where You Are
  • Zeynep Erbay 
    Healer Whale [Original]
  • Nail Presents NT
    Beside Boa Linn
  • B.J. Smith 
    Umi Says
  • Lucio Dalla, Gianani Morandi
    Dimmi Dimmi
  • Reboshaze 
    2nd Movement