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The One Glove Breakfast Show w/ Macca

London, 08.01.22

Stay left and take a trip with Macca and the new Saturday breakfast show on NTS. Weekend musings and eclectic cuts from all over the place, it's a low-key affair and you're all invited. ONE GLOVE!!!


  • Frank Sinatra 
    It Was A Very Good Year
  • Sven Wunder 
    Asterism Waltz (Piano Version)
  • Paul McCartney 
    When The Wind She Blows Cool Today
  • Javaid
    At The Winter Solstice
  • Ethan P. Flynn
  • Woo
    The Motorik Mirror
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
    Prayer For Peace
  • Ramparts
  • Sequoyah Murray
  • Gop Tun
    Ilusão Que Nunca Acaba (Davi Markan Edit)
  • Soft Sugar
    Swampin (Alternate Mix)
  • Claudio Dann
    Me Telefona (Trepanado Edit)
  • Jamal Dixon
    Back (Shane's Dubstrumental)
  • George Solar & Chris Coco
    Mama Beats
  • Yansha
    Worth It
  • Brukka 'T' And Da M.G.
    T Slays It Cruel! (Shall I Bruk It Rejig)
  • River Dance
    Gee Dee
  • Agrabah
    Dhimmi Dhimmi
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
    Vivid Energies
  • Alex Attias & Dego Feat. Imani Uzuri
    Forever (Part 1)
  • Kush Jones
    Atlantic Sans
  • Fingers, Inc
    Never No More Lonely