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United In Flames w/ Malibu


With Malibu

Malibu is a French electronic musician whose work sails between ambient and ethereal music. Forever inspired by soft reverbed vocals and melodious chord progressions, Malibu’s music is an immersive nostalgic journey in a sea of synthetic strings and choirs.


  • Pauline Anna Strom 
    Morning Splendor
  • Poemme 
    At The Gates Of Dawn
  • Enchanted Lands
    The Land Permeated By Spirit
  • Otro
    Suburbia (Fog Hash)
  • Tomasz Bednarczyk 
    Episode 4: Brøndby Beach Waves
  • Himera 
    Keep This Between Us
  • Anima 
  • Philip Jeck 
  • Eterna
    Garland Of Shame
  • Detente
    Dark Dream
  • Ulla 
    I Think My Tears Have Become Good
  • Yann Novak 
    Finding A Way To Live
  • Torus
    Radiate 625
  • In My Talons
    Can’t Sleep Without You
  • Cameo Blush 
    Red Tarn
  • York 
    Dying Star (Chill Out Mix)
  • Jam & Spoon 
  • Gigi Masin
    Call Me (Tiktok Version)
  • Riva feat. Dannii Minogue (Tall Paul mix) 
    Who Do You Love Now? (Tall Paul Rmx)
  • Malibu