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Maria Somerville

Galway, 28.08.19

With Maria Somerville

Irish avant pop artist Maria Somerville traverses heady concepts through classic pop, ambient, experimental, spoken word, & field recordings.


  • The Altered Hours 
  • Bruce Haack 
    Super Nova
  • Keel Her 
    Complain Train
  • Bob Trimble
    Killed By The Hands Of An Unknown Rock Star
  • My Bloody Valentine 
    Is This And Yes
  • Repeater Ensemble
    Bells Paisley (Data Dump)
  • Crevice 
    In Heart
  • Tortoise 
    Four-Day Interval
  • Yo Le Tengo
  • Ana Roxanne 
    I'm Every Sparkly Woman
  • Fabulous Diamonds 
    Forever Turned
  • Choice 
    Always In Danger
  • Absent Music (Jan Van den Broeke mix) 
  • Martin Rev 
    I Heard Your Name
  • Shane MacGowan
    Lonesome Highway