Maria Somerville & Ciarán Wood

Dublin, 05.06.19

With Maria Somerville

“…and what really struck me as we went along was that the people themselves were the real connection.”

This mix presents a dialogue of migration informed by Wood’s artistic practice, back and forth between Maria and Ciarán. Exploring the connections of these areas through field recordings, sean-nós, traditional irish, celtic new age, blues exploring themes of the supernatural, emigration, love, loss …occasionally meandering south to Sardinia and the sounds of In Launeddas, a triple-pipe instrument with connections to Celtic migration patterns.

Directly referencing his own family’s upheaval in leaving Ireland and the connections that remain tied to the land they left behind, Ciarán Wood is an artist who lives and works in London.


  • Liam O' Flynn
    The Fine Art Of Piping
  • Alan Steville
  • Ciarán Wood
    The Boat
  • Alan Steville
  • “Sentimental” Van Morrison
    Excerpt From BBC Arena ‘One Irish Rover’
  • Lankum
    The Turkish Reville
  • Norman
    Courtesy Tom Wood Archive
  • Paddy Glackin And Jolyson Jackson
    Hidden Ground
  • Duval Timothy feat. 6pac, Aminata, Aruna, Emmerson, Sydney, Nicholas Mandalos
    Language Feat. Nicholas Mandalos
  • Unknown
    “A Little Less Irish” (RTE Excerpt)
  • Nick Papadimitriou
    Excerpt From The London Perambulator
  • Untitled Sean
    Nós (Ciarán Wood & Wilma Archer)
  • “The English Language” Van Morrison
    Excerpt From BBC Arena ‘One Irish Rover’
  • Julie Fowlis
    Amhran Mhuighinse
  • Enya
    Caribbean Blues
  • Van Morrison
    Excerpt From BBC Arena ‘One Irish Rover’
  • John Lee Hooker
    Don't Look Back
  • Norman
    Courtesy Tom Wood Archive
  • Egisto Macchi
    La Processione
  • Norman
    Courtesy Tom Wood Archive
  • Tenores De Bitti
  • Andrea Pisu & Giancarlo Seu
    Ballu Ispinellu E Punt’e Organu
  • Luigi Lai
    Untitled Launeddas
  • Michael Somerville
    Song For Ireland
  • Clannad
    Theme From Harry's Game
  • Untitled Sean
    Nós (Ciarán Wood & Wilma Archer)
  • Kathleen
    Courtesy Tom Wood Archive
  • The Dubliners
    The Night Visiting Song
  • Planxty
    The Lady On The Island / The Gatehouse Maid / The Virginia / Callaghan's (Reels)

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