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Maria Somerville

Galway, 06.05.20

With Maria Somerville

Irish avant pop artist Maria Somerville traverses heady concepts through classic pop, ambient, experimental, spoken word, & field recordings.


  • Caroline 
  • Félicia Atkinson 
    Everything Evaporate
  • Charlie Megeira
    If Only You Knew
  • Cocteau Twins 
    Cherry Coloured Funk
  • Lord Of The Isles Feat Ellon Renton
    Waiting In Arisaig
  • Dean Blunt Joanne Roberston
    Nitro Girls
  • Xiu Xiu 
    I Swallow The Moon
  • Jordan GCZ
    Lushlyfe III
  • Katie Gerardine O' Neil
    Folk Song
  • Flaming Tunes
    Nothing On
  • Katie Kim 
    In The Beginning
  • Olan Monk 
  • Katie Kim 
    Wicked Game
  • Space Lady
  • Katie Shannon + Cucina Povera
    The Last Song