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London, 03.03.20

Mi3raj is a project from Cairo where modernist Arabic poetry intertwines with jungles of menacing chanting and mutilated eastern instrumentation. The songs draw from the deafening nature of the eternally awake capital of Egypt to narrate an infernal world of paranoia, which while thriving to achieve otherworldliness, is still contemporary and close to home. A curb stomped third world with its lungs barely intact enough to sigh melodically


  • Senyawa 
    Sujud (Prostration)
  • Mi3raj
    Knocking On A Nerve (الطرق علي العصب)
  • Sun City Girls 
  • Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots feat. The San Francisco All Mens Choir 
    The Denver Boot Redux
  • Tim Hecker X
    X Music Of The Air
  • Arthur Russell 
    Place I Know / Kid Like You
  • Coil 
    Who’ll Fall?
  • Bedwetter 
    Haze Of Interference
  • Prurient 
    Apple Tree Victim
  • Apocrypha
    Weed (ترانيم الجنجو)
  • Mi3raj
    Sweat (عرق)
  • 1127
    Renaissance (النهضة)
  • Felix Lee X Oxhy
    Still Torn
  • Thomas Bangalter