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Mark Leckey W/ Chelsea BA Fine Art

London, 07.09.21

This month, Mark Leckey is joined by his BA students from Chelsea College of Art & design…


  • Vita Measure-Hughes
    Loud Part 3
  • Dylan Serventi
    Dress Flowing She Rides A Zeppelin And Delivers A Monologue To An Orchid
  • Listen Linda Beltran (YouTube)
    My 3 Year Old Must Argue And Debate Everything! (Excerpt)
  • UUmwelt
    The System
  • Christina Deva
    Falling To The Ground And Making No Sound Because You Are No Longer There
  • Maya The Messiah
    Near Death Experience (Pipe Dream)
  • HapticTape Labs
  • Christian Petzold
    Excerpt From ‘Süden’
  • Max Email
    Lexus Study
  • Azeska Ellis
  • Huw Howell
    Cedar Evening
  • Vita Measure-Hughes
    Loud Part 2
  • Halle O’malley
    The Bare Minimum
  • Eusa Erra
    Low Hanging Frxxt
  • M I D O R I (YouTube)
    Bladee I Chose To Be This Way But Its Exactly What You Want It To Be
  • Max Email
    I Can’t Roll The Dice, I Need A Six (Excerpt)
  • Huw Howell
    For The Time Being