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London, 23.06.21

Record maker, player and mixer Martelo - not Martello - joins the musical dots with sonic heat from across the globe. Taking us to hip-hop, RnB, electronica and elsewhere, Martelo keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop classics.


  • Sobolik
    Theater Mode
  • Taze
    W.A.R. (Instrumental)
  • Modeselektor feat. Catnapp (UNiiQU3 mix) 
    Dating Is In China (UNIIQU3 Remix)
  • Asquith 
    Wait A Minute
  • Nookie 
    Give A Little Love (94 Lick)
  • Boy 8-Bit
    Who I Am
  • TSVI feat. Seven Orbits 
    Compos Mentis
  • Scottie Dee 
    Lost In Abyss
  • Holloway 
  • Agent X (Alias mix) 
    Killahertz (Alias Remix)
  • Farsight 
  • Traxmen 
    Let Me See You Butterfly
  • Anz 
    Loos In Twos (NRG)
  • Kill The Void
    Cult Of Tau (Assembler Code Remix)
  • Ready For The World (Louil Silas Jr. mix) 
    Oh Sheila (Extended Version)
  • Kelela