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London, 27.11.19

Record maker, player and mixer Martelo - not Martello - joins the musical dots with sonic heat from across the globe. Taking us to hip-hop, RnB, electronica and elsewhere, Martelo keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop classics.


  • Darkstar 
    Out Of Touch
  • Dogpatrol 
  • Horsepower Productions 
    When You Hold Me (Version)
  • Call Super & Parris
    Chiseler's Rush
  • Pe-Pe
    Bridging Mechanics
  • Doc Zee
  • Gemmy
  • Motu
    Have To Know
  • P Jam, Capo Lee 
    Nando's Riddim
  • Dogpatrol
    Don't Follow Us
  • Martyn 
    Mega Drive Generation
  • Carlton Doom 
    What Lies Within
  • Shut Up And Dance 
    Heaven On Earth