Martyn's Darkest Light

Washington DC, 25.11.19

With Martyn

Tune into Martyn's monthly show on 2 for some delectable jazz treats from over the Atlantic.


  • The Blackbyrds
    Mysterious Vibes
  • Airto & Flora
    Partido Alto
  • Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton
    There's No Other Love
  • Dave Hubbard
    B. C.
  • Art Blakey & The Afro-Drum Ensemble
    Ayiko Ayiko (Welcome, Welcome, My Darling)
  • Sonny Rollins ( Elvin Campbell mix )
    Pictures In Reflection Of A Golden Horn
  • Mary McCreary
    Butterflies In Heaven
  • Eddie Jefferson
  • Donald Byrd
    The Black Disciple
  • Unity ( Byron Morris, Ron Carran mix )
    Kitty Bey

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