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Live From Melbourne


While most of you were sleeping, we broadcast an incredible twelve hour show live from Melbourne. Noise in my Head host Michael Kucyk opened proceedings with a gorgeous set, and was joined by a ridiculous lineup showcasing the best of the burgeoning Australian scene: Mikey Young, Andras Fox playing live, Hey Convict, rising superstar Michael Ozone, Standish/Carlyon playing live, Suzanne Kraft b2b with Jonny Nash, Tuff Sherm throwing it down, Willie Burns, and Lovefingers. The broadcast took place at a brilliant warehouse space open to any locals who fancied a little dance, and with the southern hemisphere enjoying temperatures hitting 40 degrees we’re imagining it got pretty sweaty in there. It definitely made us wish we were over in the land of sunshine instead of freezing our bits off in Dalston. Luckily it was recorded in all its musical glory, so we can close our eyes, hit play, and pretend we’re beachside instead of at the bus stop. Check out the streams below.