Live now

Melodies International w/ Seiji Ono, Theo Terev & John Gomez

London, 13.03.23

From dusty crates and dingy basements to the NTS airwaves - reissue label Melodies International bring special, undiscovered, and beautiful records from across the world their show, every month.


  • The Cinnamon Soulettes
    I’ll Show You How
  • Unknown Artist
    Depths Of Love
  • The Sweet & The Innocent
    Cry Love
  • Steve Kuhn 
    The Meaning Of Love
  • St. Paul’s FBH Mass Choir
    Rest For The Weary
  • Brighter Side Of Darkness 
    Because I Love You
  • Slaughter Inc. (Featuring Tootie)
    Here I Am
  • Michael Henderson 
    Let Love Enter
  • Eddie Hazel 
    Frantic Moment
  • Sgt. Pepper 
    Cry Over Me
  • Just Dale, The Robotics 
    Until You Come Back To Me
  • Rc & The Grits
    Leave Me Alone (Feat. Erykah Badu)
  • Ladybug Mecca 
    If I Need To Move On (Sometimes)
  • Dwele 
    Feels So Good
  • Avis 
    Baby, This Love I Have
  • Fifth Of Heaven 
    Just A Little More
  • Melvin
    In The Name Of God
  • Tommy McGee 
    Now That I Have You
  • Shinichiro Yokota
  • Bridge 
    Turn To Love
  • Charisma
    Romans 12
  • Beloyd 
    Today All Day
  • Green Light 
    In The Sky
  • Lou Courtney 
    I Will, If You Will
  • Cinnamon Soulettes 
    I'll Show You How