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metamorphoSims(1+2) w/ Mai-Vân

Paris, 02.05.24

The Sims, the video game that lets you create characters and follow them through all stages of their lives, has itself had its share of evolutions.

This mix looks at its early musical transformation, from The Sims 1's seminal take on new age jazz, bossa nova et cetera to the introduction of an unmistakable futuristic doll house sound of its own in The Sims 2.

Soundtrack credits: All tracks are credited to the game's audio director and main composer: Jerry Martin for The Sims 1 and Mark Mothersbaugh for The Sims 2.

Marc Russo and John R Burr are also credited to the best of my knowledge, on Neighborhood View, Buy Mode and Build Mode tracks. Their contribution is detailed in Alex Robert Ross's Vice article "The Untold Story of 'The Sims,' Your First Favorite Jazz Record".

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  • --:--
    Jerry Martin
    World Map 5 (The Sims Online)
  • 0:05:14
    Jerry Martin 
    Mall Rat
  • 0:07:53
    Mark Mothersbaugh (Adam Freeland mix) 
    Makeover (Adam Freeland Remix)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh
    Sim Will Build (The Sims 2: Apartment Life)
  • Marc Russo 
  • Jerry Martin, Marc Russo, John R Burr
    If You Really See Eurydice (The Sims 1)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh
    Pause Screen (The Sims 2: Castaway)
  • Marc Russo 
    Now Entering
  • Mark Mothersbaugh (Hyper mix) 
    Sim The Builder (Hyper Remix)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh
    Create-A-Family Menu Loop 3 (The Sims 2: Pets)
  • Jerry Martin, Marc Russo, John R Burr
    Decorator's Touch (The Sims 1)
  • Jerry Martin, Marc Russo, John R Burr
    The Simple Life (The Sims 1)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh 
    Simple Sim (Sims 2 University)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh (Nick Franglen Of Lemon Jelly mix) 
    Makeover (Nick Franglen Of Lemon Jelly Remix)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh
    The Sims 2 New Wave Theme (The Sims 2: Open For Business)