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Pulling Threads w/ MI-EL - Interlocking Systems Of Domination

London, 03.07.24

Story time with mi-el as she explores the interlocking systems of white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy through a debrief of an assault incident she experienced during her first night at Glastonbury festival.

Content warning - contains descriptions of sexual assault throughout.


  • Jail Time
  • Mbuti Pygmy Ritual Music (Congo)
    Molinga Mourning Song
  • Archival Recording
    Bell Hooks On The Interlocking Systems Of Domination
  • Genocide Organ 
    Face Of Horror
  • Dis Fig
    Doll Parts
  • Susu Laroche 
    Control Thyself
  • Fugees 
    Killing Me Softly With His Song
  • Angola Quartet #6 Camp A
    Be With Me Jesus
  • Alicia Keys 
    Superwoman (Live Version)
  • Nkisi
    Sacred Vessel
  • Dali De Saint Paul & Maxwell Sterling
  • Baby Huey 
    A Change Is Going To Come