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London, 25.06.14

With Mica Levi

Mica Levi, also known as Micachu (of Micachu & The Shapes fame), plays raw emotional and beautiful music…and sometimes she brings one of her pals in to play a live set


  • Tennor Saw
  • Clarence "Bad Boy" Palmer, The Jive Bombers 
  • Manny Duran And Orchestra
  • T. Rex 
    Lofty Skies
  • Allen Ginsberg 
    Put Down Your Cigarette Rag
  • Baker Trouble
    Baker Loop
  • Bum67
    Baby I Miss You
  • Brother May
    Med Inst
  • Local Holiday - Feeling Tropical
    Twit Twoo
  • Tirzah
    Beat 12
  • DJ Murks feat. Abbey 
    Is It Real
  • Masta Ace
    Born To Roll
  • Wings 
    Let 'Em In
  • The Moog Cookbook
    Blackhole Sun
  • Bass Clef 
    Rollercoasters Of The Heart