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Microdosing w/ Lupini

Manchester, 14.07.19

A new way of life! Tom Houghton of All Night Flight records brings you an hour of ambient and left-field selections to take you through to the other side.


  • Jean C. Roché 
  • Klimek 
    (Sun)rise (Edit)
  • Jane Dolman And Pete Wright
    Fishes In Water
  • Jean Guérin 
  • Werkbund 
    Neuer Rungholter Tanz 5
  • Romeo Poirier & Lars Haga Raavand
    Kjol Og Killde
  • Félicia Atkinson 
    Un Ovale Vert
  • Ana Roxanne 
    It's A Rainy Day On The Cosmic Shore
  • Kali Malone 
    Hagakyrka Bells
  • Unknown
    Field Recordings
  • Anna Homler, Pylon King, Voices Of Kwahn 
    Almost Beautiful
  • Ariel Kalma 
    Sunset Inside
  • Pink Floyd 
  • Iceboy Violet
    This Ain't A Rainstorm It's An Avalanche
  • Emily Sprague 
    Water Memory 2
  • Tomorrow's World
    Office Sample
  • Mary Alex
    Staring At The Stars
  • Unknown
    Field Recording
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 
    Tides I
  • Never