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Mint Condition w/ Randy Ellis: K-Maxx Tribute

Los Angeles, 18.01.21

Focus on K-Maxx

A state of mind more than a grading scale, Mint Condition journeys deep into an abyss of new, classic, and obscure 12" and 7" records - with a focus toward high-end boogie, disco, two step, sweet soul, italo, house and modern funk.


  • Paul Jackson, Jr. 
    Make It Last Forever (Edit)
  • K-Maxx 
    My Medicine
  • K-Maxx 
  • K-Maxx 
  • Bill Ortiz feat. K-Maxx (K-Maxx mix) 
    Word Play (K-Maxx Remix)
  • K-Maxx
    (Unreleased Freestyle)
    Fire It Up
  • K-Maxx 
    I Feel It
  • K-Maxx
    Where’s Your Man
  • K-Maxx 
    Get My Thoughts
  • K-Maxx 
    Hold On
  • K-Maxx 
    K's Got It
  • Dwight Sykes 
    Walk With Me
  • MF Doom 
    Gas Drawls
  • Roger Parrish
    Who Loves You The Most
  • K-Maxx
    Love Is Coming Over Me (Live At SXSBoogie, Austin, TX 2013)
  • K-Maxx
    Wake Me Up
  • K-Maxx 
    Eye On U
  • K-Maxx 
    Back For More
  • K-Maxx 
    I Found You
  • K-Maxx 
  • K-Maxx 
    Thoughts Together
  • Maze
    Before I Let Go
  • K-Maxx 
  • The Pendletons Feat. K-Maxx
    Can’t Nobody
  • Computa Games Feat. Feat. K-Maxx
    Do Your Thing
  • Brian Ellis Feat. K-Maxx
    Electric Body (Brian Ellis Remix)
  • Kutcorners Feat. K-Maxx
    Need 2 Know (Buscrates Remix)
  • Jawn Rice Feat. K-Maxx
    Lovin U
    This Is For Real
  • K-Maxx 
    Last Verse
  • Starshine 
    All I Need Is You (Vocal)
  • Jerry Knight 
  • Oliver Cheatham 
    Something About You
  • Coke Escovedo 
    I Wouldn't Change A Thing (12" Edit)
  • Pendletons Feat. K-Maxx
    No Regrets
  • K-Maxx 
    Reachin' (Paradise)