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Mishka w/ Kosaya Gora

San Francisco, 18.08.23

Kosaya Gora (“oblique mountain”) is a brand new indie project from acclaimed electronic producer/singer Kedr Livanskiy and experimental producer/visual artist Flaty. Though the duo are no strangers to artistic collaboration, Kosaya Gora is an entirely new sonic direction for both of them. Their debut album Kosogor is a multilingual foray into guitar-based folk, haunting dream pop, and moody synth, underpinned by Livanskiy’s signature hypnotic vocals.


  • 0:00:15
    Nelson Angelo, Joyce 
  • --:--
    Rob Thomsett 
    Tears of Blood - Endless Weeping
  • 0:04:37
    January 11th
  • Folkal Point 
    Scarborough Fair
  • Stonefield Tramp 
    Doing Things Naturally
  • Robbie Basho 
    Basho's Blues
  • The Outlaw Blues Band 
    Plastic Man
  • John Fahey 
    On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
  • Forest 
    To Julie
  • Урочище
    Можерь У Русальего Болота
  • Башня Rowan
  • Rita Coolidge 
    Family Full Of Soul
  • Mortimer 
    Where Dragons Guard The Doors
  • Moths 
    Running From Home
  • Stark Reality 
    Too Much Tenderness
  • Terry Riley ⧸ Don Cherry
    Descending Moonshine Dervishes
  • Фигвам