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Mishka w/ Kito Jempere

Los Angeles, 25.05.20

Kito Jempere is DJ/producer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Also known for his big-bands Uniquetunes (2005-2010, 8 members), Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club (2012-2015, 8 members) and Kito Jempere Band (2015-present days, from 6 to 30 members on stage). During years of solo productions and DJ-ing Kito released on DFA Records, Bordello A Parigi, Hell Yeah, Freerange Records and many more, also got remixed by Palms Trax, Juju & Jordash, HNNY, Bell Towers, Jimi Tenor to name few.


  • Bersarin Quartet
    St. Petersburg
  • Half Dub Theory 
    Hold My Breath
  • Uniquetunes 
  • DJ Kirill Sergeew
    Butter, Milk, Turntables
  • Uniquetunes 
    9th August 1969
  • I Am The Soundtrack
    October Song
  • Sensiva 
    P Deep
  • DJ Kirill Sergeew
    Evening Post Pt.II
  • Model Reign
    Never Show Your Weak Sides
  • Sweden Sweats
    Sitting Of Rooftops
  • DJ Kirill Sergeew 
    From The Bottom Of The Soul