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Miss Modular w/ Phonodelica

Los Angeles, 15.07.21

Host and selector Sasha Ali investigates the roles of women, queer femme, and nonbinary artists as music makers, cultural producers, and justice seekers through curated tracklists and interviews.

Guest Donia Jarrar (Phonodelica) is a a Los Angeles-based Arab and Muslim-American composer, pianist, producer, and interdisciplinary artist whose music spans classical, electronic, experimental, and chamber pop. Topics explored in this show include Palestinian liberation and immortalizing matriarchal lineages through documentary opera and soundscapes.


  • Bint7alal
    Ya Hazin'
  • Geri Allen 
    Black Pools
  • Phonodelica
    Huda (1896) Ft. Huda Asfour
  • Phonodelica
  • Phonodelica
  • Phonodelica