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Miss Modular w/ Mx. Matías

Los Angeles, 05.11.20

Mx. Matías is a trans-feminine musical powerhouse. She wields her multi-instrumental and production skills to compose queer Latinx music in a plethora of genres from cumbia and samba to house and electropop. Today, we talk about her musical inspirations, including the LA River, archangel Gabriel, and Black trans activists Chella Coleman and The Uhuruverse, who are in need of financial support (please see below).


  • Rita Indiana
    El Zahir
  • Malportado Kids feat. Cathawk 
    Basta Huedo
  • Mx. Matías
    ¡Sailor Cumbia!
  • Juana Molina 
  • Mx. Matías
    Tu Guitarra
  • Mx. Matías
    Como Vivimos
  • Mx. Matías
    Call Me Him, Call Me Her
  • Mx. Matías
    La Madre Eterna (Live Performance)
  • You Guys Suck Like Real Hard Shut The Fuck Up Thanks
  • Prince 
  • Mx. Matías
    El Otro Mundo