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Miss Modular w/ Alice Bag

Los Angeles, 04.01.18

With Alice Bag

Hosts Sasha Ali and Adee Roberson cultivate a monthly space for curated tracklists + conversations with creators of marginalized genders who work within the realms of sound, culture, art, and justice.


  • Mi Concha
    Malportado Kids
  • Jessy Bulbo 
    El Dia Zepdn
  • Poly Styrene (Kahn Remix)
    Black Christmas
  • Le Butcherettes
    My Mother Holds My Only Lifeline
  • Sevdaliza 
  • Mary Lou Williams 
  • Alice Bag 
    No Means No
  • Alice Bag 
    Suburban Home
  • Sex Stains 
    Land Of La La
  • Fea 
    No Hablo Español
  • Fatty Cakes And The Puff Pastries
    Magic Girl
  • Shirley Bassey 
    I, Capricorn