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Miss Modular w/ Kari Faux

Los Angeles, 01.03.18

With Kari Faux

Host and selector Sasha Ali investigates the roles of women and queer femme artists as music makers, cultural producers, and justice seekers through curated tracklists and interviews.


  • Thoom
    Mikal Jackzon
  • 700 Bliss 
    Ring The Alarm
  • Zenizen 
    No Contact
  • Brooklyn White
    I'm Tellin U
  • Peggy GOU 
    Han Jan (Vocal)
  • Kelow
    Brazil / Kitty Litter
  • Rucyl 
  • Mary Lou Williams 
    Medi I
  • Kari Faux 
  • Kari Faux
    Color Wheel
  • Kari Faux 
  • Kari Faux
    Gotta Know Ft. Jerry Paper