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Mixed Fruit w/ Eddie Jr. and Cquestt

Los Angeles, 10.08.22

Eddie Jr & friends trading sounds for 120 minutes monthly, committed to their own rhythm & tempo.


  • Brijean
  • Omar S
    It’s Good For The Goose
  • Rainy Milo 
    'Bout You
  • Rochelle Jordan 
    Dancing Elephants
  • Damar Davis
    Pass Me Not
  • Reek
    Come Close (Dilla House Edit)
  • KW Griff 
    Be Ya Girl
  • Seven Davis Jr
    Touch Touch
    Mutant Exotic
  • Rhye
    Stay Close (Channel Tres Remix)
  • Javonntte
    Mathenay May
  • Ash Lauryn 
    Life Is Back (Kai Alce Life Is Sweet Interpretation)
  • Erykah Badu
    Call You Back (Nora Zion Edit)
  • The O'Jays 
    Back Stabbers
    Wan Spliff
  • DJ Beukeboom
    8 C C C
  • Luxuria
    (Gwen Stefani X MC Dricka)
  • Flacko
    (Franchise Afro Baile Edit)
  • Bubble Pon Di Bed Ft XL Mad
    (UNIQUE Thai Chi Remix)
  • Bonde Do Tigrão 
    O Baile Todo
  • Maya Jane Cole
    Me De Amor & All Good? (Remix)
  • Yohenkwart
    Pon Di Generation X
    Tchu Tchuca (EDIT)
  • Devarock
    Trademark UKG
My Neck, My Back (Tari Edit)
  • SpydaTEK
    So Anxious (Baile Funk Remix)
  • Playing Games
    (QLAQUE 2 Step Remix)
  • Mitchell Yard
  • ME LEE
    Say My Name (Zimablue Remix)
  • Frank Ocean 
    Thinkin Bout You
  • Willow
    Wait A Minute (Chico Chi House Edit)
  • Calling My Name
    (XNYWOLF Jersey Club)
  • Mina
    Boing (Feat Nane)
  • LSW
  • Rick Ross
    UOENO (Bae Ba Edit)
  • Chloe
    Have Mercy (Junior Woods Remix)
  • Ty Dilla Sign
    Hit Different (Ticklish Reboot)
  • Professor X
    Shea Butter Jersey Flip
  • Austin Lebron
    Are You Gonna?
  • FlyyTheProducer
    Hands On My Body (Jersey Club Remix)
  • Elosi
    Nunnadet Whoopty
  • Kevin Kofii
    Swimming Bills
  • DJ Taj
    FNF (Let’s Go Jersey Club Mix)
  • N-E-Where
    (UKI Remix)
  • Doja Cat, The Weeknd 
    You Right
  • Hard Drive
    Deep Inside (Richtanner Remix)
  • Floetry
    Say Yes (Jabaiar Amapiano VIP)
  • Goapele
    Closer (November Rose Amapiano Remix)
  • Don Toliver
    No Idea (Jabair Remix)
  • Normani
    Wild Side (Amapiano Remix)
  • Kanye West 
    Work Out Plan