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What The Fire Sees w/ Moesha 13

Marseille, 11.09.20

A half hour mix celebrating the release of "What The Fire Sees" a collection of anti-capitalist poetry, philosophy, cultural analysis, legal studies, manifesto and critique, published by Divided. Moesha 13 journeys through music, and spoken word contributions from Bini Adamczak, Huw Lemmey + more.

For more info about the book, check out Divided Publishing


  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland 
    La Vita
  • Bini Adamczak
    Theory Of The Polysexual Economy (Grundrisse) [Extract]
  • Meryl 
  • Moesha 13 Ft. Jeci Jess
    En I
  • Kyoko Kishida
    Degenerates Revisited: Sauvage Totale
  • Moesha 13 Edit
  • Ssaliva 
  • Tim Karbon 
    Aziz Lumière
  • Huw Lemmey
    Darkrooms [Extract]
  • Chevel & Wallwork
    Carbon 12
  • Nazar 
    Arms Deal
  • Quit Life 
    Speed Goat
  • Bini Adamczak
    Theory Of The Polysexual Economy (Grundrisse) [Extract]
  • Heiden X WZX_O
    Don't Stop Believing
  • Heiden
    Keep On Shining
  • Imaabs
  • FKOFF1963 Ft. Alada
    In The Heaven
  • Aurelia Guo
    The Ribbon At Olympia's Throat