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The Head Zone w/ Ripley Johnson

Portland, 11.03.21

With Moon Duo

Step into The Head Zone - one hour of musical selections from the mind of Moon Duo's Ripley Johnson.


  • Rosali
  • Gun Outfit 
    Legends Of My Own
  • Mark Jones 
    What You Get
  • Kathy Heideman
    The Earth Won’t Hold Me
  • Joan Baez 
    You Ain'T Goin' Nowhere
  • Johnny Cash & June Carter 
    If I Were A Carpenter
  • Mistress Mary
    Two Little Love Birds
  • Ola Belle Reed
    Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
  • Marissa Anderson
  • Sibylle Baier 
    Colour Green
  • Joni Mitchell 
    The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
  • Selda 
    Utan, Utan
  • MV & EE 
    Dancin' In The Street
  • Fabulous Diamonds 
  • Alice Coltrane 
    Going Home