Live now

Mount Analog w/ Mahssa

Los Angeles, 22.02.23

The narrative is bursting with color and impossible to fit into a 60 minute timespan - but here is an effort to both timehop a personal story and nod to a timeless musical vignette of influences and inspiration that spans intensely amongst all corners of the artistic globe: shining bright into film + design + literature + circumstance as much as the sonic palette itself presents. Here’s a little exploration and adventure celebrating both the underbelly of the unknown with all that is beautifully pop.


  • Normal Brain 
  • Deux 
    Game And Performance
  • Plastiktanz 
    Mir Geht Es Danke Gut
  • Dazion 
    Meet Me At The Mecca
  • Nation 
  • EP 4 
    5 ο 21
  • Don Gere
    There’s A Star In You (2015 Reissue Finders Keepers Records)
  • Ramzi (Feat. Priori)
    Foggi (2022, Music From Memory)
  • Lil Yachty 
    the ride-
  • 3 Hür-El 
    Sevenler Ağlarmış
  • Samira Toufik
    Yagazali (197?, Voice Of Lebanon)
  • Dean Blunt 
    Zushi 17
  • Gong 
    Mystic Sister
  • Evanora Unlimited (Feat. Ecco2k)
    Dibiyu (2023, Year0001)
  • Yves Tumor 
  • Diseño Corbusier 
    Golpe De Amistad
  • George Brigman