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London, 17.11.21

With Moxie

Part of the NTS family since day dot, Moxie has held her Wednesday show since the stations first broadcasts. Inviting esteemed guests for interviews & mixes and breaking new, unreleased music, she’s got your Wednesday afternoons covered… Tune in to hear anything from soulful house and disco to rolling techno.


  • Apiento 
    Things You Do For Love
  • Unknown
  • Local Artist 
    Boys Cry
  • Ponty Mython 
    I Summoned Rick
  • N-Gynn 
  • Unknown
  • Cousin Kula
    Now That You're Gone
  • Olive T. (Tiro! mix) 
    This is a Bop (Tiro! Remix)
  • Maia Lee 
    Less But Better
  • Tech Support 
    Idyll Illusion
  • Solid Gold Playaz
    My Soul Is Quiet
  • Olive T
    Mind Wanders
  • Jackinson
    Bruk $Ons ™ Shall I Bruk It Flip
  • Phreek End$
    Phreek Ends
  • DJ Technics
    Clair (Take Two)
  • Merle 
    Fannie Likes 2 Dance
  • John Hill
  • Stussko
    Brothers & Sisters
  • Jeremy Sylvester
    Chicken Nugget
  • DJ Life
  • Parris
    Movements With Carmen Villain
  • Leif 
    Hiding In Plain Sight
  • Beneath 
    Fourth Time
  • Batu 
    Inner Space