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Louise Chen

London, 09.01.19

With Moxie

Parisian DJ Louise Chen covers for Moxie.


  • Earth, Wind & Fire
    Brazilian Rhyme (A Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
  • Fred P & SMBD
    Pulling Strings
  • Ernie ( Ordell mix )
    Burning Detroit (Ordell Remix)
  • Nature Boy
    Yeah (Main Version)
  • Jovonn
    Turnin Me Out
  • Waajeed
    My Father's Rhythm
  • Jad & The
    Disco Hold Down
  • Good Work Office Salvo Castel
    Say What
  • Art Of Tones
    The Rainbow Song
  • Black Art Music Blake Baxter feat. Blake Baxter
    Afro Jacking Pt. 1
  • Joe Smooth & Screamin' Racha
    I Am House Music (AL-Faris And Carmelo Carone M)
  • Hazards of Prophecy
    Minnie & Marcos
  • Hugo Mari Ft. Zodiac
    Get Loose
  • Solid Gold Playaz
    When U Touch My Body
  • Higloo
  • Candy J ( Mike Dunn mix )
    Shoulda Known Better (Mike Dunn's Sweet Pussy Pauline Rub-A-Dub)
  • RareTwo Inc
    The Blast Off
  • K'Alexi Shelby
    Sexo Àspero (GU 12 Tribes Beats Dubb)
  • Underground System
    Just A Place (Gerd Janson Remix)
  • Scan 7
    Funky Gudty Me
  • St. David
    Jumpin' Dub
  • Adryiano
    Like Glue 4 U
  • Camerom Traxxx
    Thinkin About U
  • DJ Bone
    All My Heart
  • Dukwa
    Hood Track
  • Kevin Stolz
    Big Sausage Pizza
  • Steve Spacek
    Follow Me
  • Kyle Hall
    Katastematic Pleasure
  • Digital Funk Addicts
    Deeper Side
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