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London, 24.02.14

With Murlo

Hailing from East Midlands, Murlo steps up once a month to give us the lowdown on the sparkly landscape of UK club music, his mixes scattered with piercing and ornate synth leads punctuated by ergonomic club rhythm; Murlo’s own dancehall and US influences bleeding through.


  • Deckstar 
    Make It Through
  • Jubilee 
    Pull Ova
  • Fiedel 
    Doors To Manual
  • Blaqstarr (Bird Peterson mix) 
    Hands Up, Thumbs Down (Bird Peterson Remix)
  • Mr. Mitch 
    Bowser's Snout
  • The Freshest (Kutcorners & Marvel)
    Call Your Name (Falcons Remix)
  • Murlo + Famous Eno
  • Wiley 
    Wot Do U Call It?
  • Aaliyah feat. Timbaland 
    Are You That Somebody