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Music 4 Lovers w/ Jabu & Andy Payback

Bristol, 08.01.22

With Jabu

Jabu & Andy Payback bring us Music 4 Lovers once a month.

Artwork by skkinz


  • Dominique Lawalrée 
    Rainy Sunday : Dimanche Pluvieux
  • Carlos Walker 
    Via Láctea
  • Dibuk
  • Animal Shin
    So Long, Too Soon
  • Jan Van Den Broke
    I Know The Moonlight
  • Mu: Pradʒékt 
  • World Music 
    Mugu Dub
  • Pink Industry 
    What I Wouldn't Give
  • Takeshi Ohta
  • HTRK 
    Gilbert and George
  • The Internet 
    Special Affair
  • 小山茉美 
    Love Song
  • Like A Villain
    What’s Happening To Me
  • HTRK 
    You Know How To Make Me Happy
  • Moral 
    Dance Of The Dolls
  • Elizabeth Parker 
    New Worlds (Closing Theme From The Series)