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Music To Ease Your Disease

London, 22.08.20

Strap yourself in and prepare for some Music To Ease Your Disease. Three of London's most noted sonic archaeologists will be selecting some choice ingredients from their collections to concoct a deeply psychoactive brew for your aural pleasure. Expect electric jazz, abstract funk, microscopic noisebursts, minimal repetitions, West Coast cool, and deep space soundscapes as Mike Keelin, Lascelle Gordon and Micky Donnelly take you on a long, strange trip through the outer limits.


  • JD Emmanuel
    Sunrise On A Tibetan Hillside
  • Lee Gamble 
    M25 Echo
  • Grimescapes 
    Emergence Mix
  • Cremation Lilly
  • Ben Bondy 
    Spoke Through My Legs
  • O Yuki Congate
    Cloud Cover
  • Senyawa And Stephen O’Malley
    Dewi Hera Pt1
  • Shackleton, Zimpel 
    Ruined Future Brutal (Edit)
  • Kara-Lis Coverdale 
  • Terre Thaemlitz
    Tranquiliser (Live Up North)
  • Romeo Poitier
  • Huerco S. 
    Promises Of Fertility
  • Forest Management 
    Closer Than You Think
  • The Caretaker 
    Approaching The Outer Limits Of Our Solar System
  • Af Ursin
    Glanzende Adam
  • Pontiac Streator 
    Triz Cohors pt. 3
  • Morgan Fischer And Lol Coxhill
    Matt Finish
  • The First Minute Of A New Day 
    June 23rd
  • Daniel Palkowski 
    Shi-Ling (Prayer For Perfection)
  • Robbie Basho 
    Thunder Love