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Music To Ease Your Disease

London, 28.05.22

Strap yourself in and prepare for some Music To Ease Your Disease. Three of London's most noted sonic archaeologists will be selecting some choice ingredients from their collections to concoct a deeply psychoactive brew for your aural pleasure. Expect electric jazz, abstract funk, microscopic noisebursts, minimal repetitions, West Coast cool, and deep space soundscapes as Mike Keelin, Lascelle Gordon and Micky Donnelly take you on a long, strange trip through the outer limits.


  • Walt Barr 
    Free Spirit
  • Knxwledge
    1000 Bottles
  • Mach Hommy
    Eedyot Bwoy
  • NW HR
    Nuclear Winter
  • John T Gast
  • Tech. Itch 
  • Squarepusher 
    Circular Flexing
  • JAB 
    "Distant Patterns"
  • Les Graciés 
  • Fedrigotti & Lorenzini
    Ll Canto Delle Acque
  • Meyers 
    Noise Artist Cosplay
  • Sam Prekop 
    Weather Vane
  • Three Legged Race 
    Magnetic Bride
  • RB
  • Clair Rousey
    Feels Too Foolish To Care
  • Eiko Ishibashi 
    Drive My Car
  • Zach Phillips 
    Their Parents
  • Alchemist
    1000 Birds
  • Jon Collin 
    Wrong Moves V
  • Davy Kehoe 
    Storm Desmond
  • Gescom 
  • CTI 
    Dancing Ghosts
  • Theo Parrish 
  • Nuno Canavaro
    Cas Cais
  • Stars Of The Lid 
    Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage