Fragrant Sacrifice w/ Naima Karlsson - Wholy Holy

London, 19.11.19

Artist & composer Naima Karlsson explores esoteric themes through the mediums of spiritual & free jazz, idiosyncratic folk music, spoken word, improvisation and more.


  • Aretha Franklin
    Wholy Holy
  • Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor
    Black Notes
  • Takatoshi Naito
    Paradise Is Waiting For The Dawn Which Will Revive Tomorrow
  • Johann Paul Von Westhoff
    Solo Partita VI In D Major. III. Sarabande
  • Barry White & Glodean White
    Our Theme Pt. 1
  • Robbie Lee, Mary Halvorson
    Early Willows
  • Barry White, Glodean White
    Our Theme (Part 2)
  • J.S. Bach, Karl Richter
    Choralpartita " O Gott, Du Frommer Gott", BWV 767
  • John Surman, Jack DeJohnette
    Part V Within The Halls Of Neptune
  • Kemialliset Ystävät
    Askel askel askel, raikas aamutuuli
  • Barry White
    Killers Lullaby
  • Takatoshi Naito
    Flying In The Chilly Wind Of The Afterglow
  • Takatoshi Naito
    Sentimental Dance Music In A Paradise Square
  • Aretha Franklin
    Precious Memories (Live At The New Temple Missionary Baptist Church)
  • Robbie Lee, Mary Halvorson
    Shoots Have Shot

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