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Fragrant Sacrifice w/ Naima Karlsson - Seduce Life Pt. 2

London, 30.07.19

"Revolutionary Cosmic Long Life in The Frame of Creativity" [Excerpt: see tracklist]


  • Albert Ayler 
    Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe
  • Glenn Gould
    Harpsichord Suite No. 3 In D Minor: Air
  • Eddie Gale Black Rhythm Happening
    Ghetto Summertime
  • Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar
    Lalit Dhammar
  • Diane Di Prima
    Revolutionary Love Letter # 49 (1969)
  • David Ornette Cherry
    The Frame Of Creativity
  • Long Life Sutra
    Amitayus Long Life Mantra
  • Laughter Bank Vol II
    Age Laughter
  • Glenn Gould
    Harpsichord Suite No. 4 In E Minor: Sarabande
  • George Lewis 
  • Cherry Archives
    Tågarp New Years Eve 1971
  • Mari Okubo 
    Cosmic Life