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Fragrant Sacrifice w/ Naima Karlsson

London, 07.04.20

Artist & composer Naima Karlsson explores esoteric themes through the mediums of spiritual & free jazz, idiosyncratic folk music, spoken word, improvisation and more. Image: Moki Cherry - 'Tagarp/NY', tapestry, 1977


  • Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings 
    A.2. The Illusory Body
  • Kaushiki 
    Raga Rageshri - Alap
  • Cecil McBee 
    From Within
  • Naima Karlsson
    Bells Field Recording
  • Cantos Huicholes
    Tama’Atzima Huaka Ki’Ya
  • Ace Of Cups 
    Afro Blue
  • Horace Tapscott With Pan-African Peoples Arkestra
    Peyote Song No.III
  • Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings 
    Leaving The Body
  • Grégoire Fillion & Pascal Pilloud
    Aria, JA 138 (AWV 120)
  • Racine 
    Désordre Baroque
  • Naima Karlsson
    Yamaha Improv
  • Grateful Dead W/ Ornette Coleman
    Live Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Feb 23 1993