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Fragrant Sacrifice w/ Naima Karlsson

London, 24.08.21

Artist & composer Naima Karlsson explores esoteric themes through the mediums of spiritual & free jazz, idiosyncratic folk music, spoken word, improvisation and more.


  • Tony Scott 
    The Murmuring Sound Of The Mountain Stream
  • The Stone Roses 
    I Wanna Be Adored
  • Naná Vasconcelos 
    Balança Réde
  • Naima Karlsson
    Tågarp 14/08/21
  • Klein 
    Baller Alert
  • Espinoza / Long Duo
    August 19, 2019
  • Jah Shaka feat. Hughie Ichazaar (Mad Professor mix) 
    Verse 8
  • Karl Berger, Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell 
    Getting There
  • Bobby Brown 
  • L’Rain
    Not Now
  • Amina Claudine Myers 
    Introduction To ...
  • Lawrence Butch Morris Doc
    "Conduction 1980s"
  • Exotic Sin
    Process Symphony
  • Angela Winbush 
  • Jim Pepper
    Live (Eagle Tone)
  • Serafina Steer & John T. Gast
    Garden Of Love
  • Bobby Brown 
    Cruel Reprise