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Naomi Asa w/ Emile Mosseri

London, 27.11.23

With Emile Mosseri

As a singer, songwriter, and composer, Emile Mosseri transforms the human experience into song. Musical storytelling is his lifeblood — a talent he has shared with songwriters and directors that now takes centerstage on his debut album, Heaven Hunters.


  • 0:00:12
    Emile Mosseri 
    Heaven Hunters
  • --:--
    Emile Mosseri
    Our Love From Kajillionaire
  • 0:03:20
    Emile Mosseri
    Minari Suite From Minari
  • Emile Mosseri 
    You're Not Better Than Us (Demo)
  • Bob Dylan 
    Most Of The Time
  • Jeff Tweedy 
    Even I Can See
  • Randy Newman 
  • Nina Simone, Groovefinder 
    Ain't Got No, I Got Life (Radio Edit)