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Naomi Asa

London, 05.02.24

Naomi Asa on the NTS airwaves, delivering soothing soul and spiritual jazz.

Artwork by Oliver Macdonald Oulds.

Collection: Saint Valentines


  • Tracey Cole
    Special Love Song
  • Tony Monaco
    We Will Share Our Lifetime Together
  • The Barefoot Man, The Barefoot Man & Band 
    Meet You In Paradise
  • Os Mutantes 
    Baby (1971)
  • The Earls Inc. 
    Does Your Mother Know
  • Eddie & Ernie 
    In These Very Tender Moments
  • The Isley Brothers
    I’ll Always Come Back
  • Charles Williams 
    Love Is A Very Special Thing
  • Enrico Cascella 
    Voglio Murì
  • Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
    I Am A Fool To Want You
  • Cortex 
  • Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts