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NJinLA w/ Yeule

Los Angeles, 23.08.18

With Yeule

Natalie James is a Los Angeles native who cut her teeth in the underground music scene. Her diverse resume boasts video creative production credits from Spotify, Output, and Native Instruments. On Air with Natalie James explores diverse artist narratives through unique storytelling.


  • Yeule 
    Pocky Boy
  • Yeule 
    I Miss You This Much
  • Future 
    Cuddle My Wrist
  • Travis Scott (Shlohmo mix) 
    Goosebumps (Shlohmo Remix)
  • Gaika 
    Crown & Key
  • Yeule
    Start Up (Demo)
  • Quay Dash
  • Girl Pusher 
    A Lot of Boys Like Me Though
  • Death Grips