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Nitetrax w/ MGUN - Chi Style

London, 11.04.17

Nitetrax presents an exploratory range of club music every month, from classic and forgotten trax by the pioneers, to front line mutations by the innovators of today.

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  • Flashback
    Extasia 2002
  • Quest
    Mind Games (Underground Mix)
  • Jesse Saunders
    It's OK (Album Mix)
  • Bambam
    Give It To Me
  • Steve Poindexter
    Computer Madness
  • Frankie Knuckles
    It's A Cold World
  • Sleezy D.
    I've Lost Control (Space Mix)
  • Farley 'jackmaster' Funk
    The Acid Life (Extended Version)
  • Mr Fingers
    Washing Machine
  • Adonis
    Cool & Dry
  • Master C&j, Liz Torres
    Can't Get Enough
  • Ramos
    The Jackin' National Anthem
  • Pleasure Zone
    House Nation (Original 12 Inch Version)
  • Master C & J
    Fantasize Me
  • Master C & J
    When You Hold Me
  • Sweet D
    Do Do It
  • Fast Eddie
    Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) (Fast Eddie Mix)
  • Mike Dunn, Md Iii
    Going Nowhere
  • Farley Jackmaster Funk
    Funkin With The Drums Again (Jack N The Trax)