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New York, 31.08.16

Catch NODE transmitting through the dead of night. Cyber depth-charge selections ranging from nu-industrial to modern club ergonomics, and the leftest of contemporary rap.


  • Gail Laughton 
    Lemuria 16,000 B.C.
  • Qasim Naqvi 
    Meg Erase Meta
  • Korean Court Music
    Ung - An Chi Ak
  • Keiji Haino
    Tenshi No Gijinka 6
  • Bertoia 
  • Arvo Pärt 
  • Eastman 
    Evil Nigger
  • Music Of The South Sinai Bedouins
  • Unknown
    Yanomami Rain Song
  • Ikue Mori 
    Like A Reflection In The Moon
  • Christian Wolff, Eberhard Blum, Roland Dahinden, Steffen Schleiermacher, Jan Williams 
    Exercise 16
  • Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea
  • Tashi Dorji 
    Taking Over Rungis
  • John Fahey 
    The Approaching Of The Disco Void
  • Okkyung Lee 
    Strictly Vertical
  • Milledgeville, Georgia Singers
    Nobody's Fault But Mine