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Noise In My Head w/ Inkswel

Melbourne, 20.03.13

With Inkswel

Noise In My Head is a freeform sonic excursion presented by Melbourne based host Michael Kucyk. Over the years the show has been responsible for displaying talent from around the globe, from artists to DJs, label heads, compilation selectors and record collectors.


  • Jobby Lynn 
    Dreaming Of You
  • The Candle Family 
    Love Theme From Two Hearts
  • Glowing Palms 
  • The Avalanches (Paperclip People mix) 
    A Different Feeling (Paperclip People Remix)
  • Coober Pedy University Band
    Moon Plains (Soft Rocks Acperience)
  • The Fyre Krew 
    Hard Times (Break Free) (Power Club Mix)
  • Time Bandits 
    I'm Only Shooting Love
  • Mind Fair 
    So Strong
  • Bell Towers 
    Theme From Bamboo Musik
  • Kirlian Camera 
  • Syracuse 
    Giant Mirrors
  • The Glass Family Feat. Taka Boom
    The Stars Are Out (Dub Version)
  • Robbie M 
    Down With It
  • José 
    Chimes (12" Club Mix)
  • Sheik Fawaz 
    Mohamed's House (Arabic Acid Remix)
  • Inkswel
    Circle Jerks Ft. Wouda (Upcoming On Faces & Mcde)
  • Maseratay 
    Never Let You Go (Remix)
  • Paris Mitchel
    Follow Me Ghetto
  • Two Sisters 
    High Noon (Part 2)
  • Earlybird Soul System
    Superior Funk Ft. Pablo Valentino (Upcoming On Dopeness Galore)
  • Pierres Fantasty Club
    Summertime Get Busy (Hip House Mix)
  • Inkswel
    Lfo Bounce
  • Herbie Hancock 
    Just Around The Corner
  • Nacho Patrol
    Salambo Dance (Pitched The Fuck Down)
  • Physical Sound Sport 
    Nigeria Game
  • Theo Parrish 
    Black Mist
  • Creepy Autograph 
    Murder Sex
  • Yarborough And People
    Guilty Instrumental
  • The Cool Notes 
    Come On Back To Me
  • Suga Style
    909 The Beat Is Mine
  • Recloose
  • Junei 
    Let's Ride