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Noise In My Head w/ PLO Man & Hashman Deejay

Melbourne, 28.02.17

With PLO Man, Hashman Deejay

Noise In My Head is a freeform sonic excursion presented by Melbourne based host Michael Kucyk. Over the years the show has been responsible for displaying talent from around the globe, from artists to DJs, label heads, compilation selectors and record collectors.


  • Tim Jackiw 
    Tears In Rain
  • RAMZi 
    Male Heya
  • Jon Hassell 
    Dream Theory
  • K15 
  • Tashan 
    Read My Mind
  • Jumani 
    We Can Work It Out (Instrumental)
  • Bahamadia 
    Total Wreck
  • Brooklyn Dubs
    Stone Ave *
  • Sandoz 
    Medium Cool
  • Kiss The Sky 
    Livin For You
  • Tom Tom Club 
    Pleasure Of Love
  • Larry Tee
    Dejavu *
  • Topo 
    Ba Ba Go, Go
  • Andy Rantzen
    Fantasy Dub
  • Inner Sanctuary
    Struggling ^
  • Misa Negra 
    Spiritual Vibes (Original Reprise)
  • Dj Normal 4, Bufiman 
    Wind Spell (Bufi Energy Mix)
  • Dee
    Lite - Build The Bridge (Satoshi Tomiie Mix) ^
  • Antonio Ocasio 
    Below The Underground
  • Linea Alba 
  • Nyles-Jarvis Project 
    Tribal Juice (The Ritual Version)
  • Slam Mode 
  • Manmade DeeJay 
  • Brooklyn Source
    Funkathon ^
  • Ron Trent Presents
    Ital Food *
  • Tanel Alumäe 
    Feel Music
  • Sci
    Fi - B Dot ^