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Word of Command: Curated by Arca - NTS 10

New York, 21.04.21

With Arca

A fistful of dancefloor shattering club sounds from Brooklyn based DJ and club resident Word of Command - curated by Arca for NTS 10.

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  • Seiichi Yamamoto
    Theme Of Light
  • M.I.A. (Kicks Like A Mule, Silverlink mix) 
    XR2 (Silverlink V Kicks Like A Mule Remix Aka 92JUK)
  • Dasychira (Estoc mix) 
    Have A Few Laughs (Estoc's Underground Tunnel Network)
  • Frequency 
    Panic Mode (1993 Version)
  • Q-Cumb 
    Dreamers 232342
  • Burial
    Archangel (Quest_onmarc Edit)
  • Faithless 
    We Come 1 (Dave Clarke Remix)
  • Bjarki 
    Slother Ep (Bjarki Pandemix)
  • Si Begg 
    Cap N Crunch
  • The Mover 
    Astral Demons
  • Joey Beltram 
  • The Knife 
  • Exodia
    Werk Me 2.0
  • Maniken05
    Memphis Rave
  • Contact Noise Crew
    Bleeding Combustion
  • DJ Hell 
    Sprung Aus Den Wolken
  • Buzzi
    Sneaky Mouse
  • Ben Sims (Adam Beyer mix) 
    Manipulated (Adam Beyer Remix)
  • Chicane 
    Don't Give Up
  • Fumiya Tanaka 
    In The Darkness
  • Amotik (Ellen Allien mix) 
    Tetalis (Ellen Allien Remix)
  • X-103