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Matt Groening - NTS 10

Springfield, 23.04.21

Matt Groening closes out his day of programming for NTS 10 with an eclectic set of his personal favourites.

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  • Fred Pallem Le Sacre Du Tympan
    The Simpsons Theme
  • The Tiger Lillies 
    Lockdown Blues
  • Rolando Bruno 
    Thai Cumbia
  • Ed Lincoln 
    Na Onda Do Berimbau
  • The Vindictives 
    I Will Not: Pt. 1 (Section A & B)
  • The Vindictives 
    I Will Not: Pt. 1 (Section C)
  • The Vindictives 
    I Will Not: Pt. III
  • Wild Man Fischer Ft Rosemary Clooney
    It’s A Hard Business
  • Jono El Grande 
    Ballet Morbido In A Dozen Tiny Movements
  • Cheese
    Cheese (Original Mix)
  • The Karnataka College Of Percussion
    Konnakkol (Percussion Language)
  • Perez Prado 
    Que Rico Mambo
  • Peggy Seeger, Ewan MacColl 
    The Ballad Of Accounting
  • Amanda Palmer
    My Favourite Things
  • Geoff Berner
    Why Don’t We Just Take The Billionaire’s Money Away?
  • Zappa (Bob Stone mix) 
    Plastic People
  • Chicha Libre 
    La Danza Del Millonario