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91 Forward: Yuka Mizuhara


Japanese DJ and model Yuka Mizuhara plays '90s classics for 91 Forward with Armani Exchange.


  • Stacye And Kimiko
    Come And Get It
  • Tracie Spencer 
    This Time Make It Funky
  • Kurtsis
  • TKZee
    Guz 2001
  • Onirico 
    Stolen Moments
  • Pal Joey 
    Give It Up
  • Paul Johnson 
    Relax With Me
  • Raymond Castoldi 
    In Orbit
  • Keytronics 
    Something In That Groove
  • Hearsay, Ed The Red 
    Move Yo Body
  • Davina 
    Don't You Want It
  • Kerri Chandlnr
    Where's The Love In The World
  • Blaze 
    Another Dae
  • Dee Lite (Murk Boys mix) 
    Pussy Cat Meow (Murks Boys Miami Mix)
  • Opus |||
    Into This Universe
  • Opus |||