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Circle Packing w/ Occo

Los Angeles, 13.09.21

Explorations in everything from krautrock and dub to jungle and techno once a month.

Artwork: Second Bay Studios/Harvard SEAS


  • Cute Heels
    Metaphysic The Method
  • Hermetics
    Cobra Negra
  • Kruton 
    Cheddar Heights
  • Violent Quand On Aime 
    Of Course I'm A Liar
  • Naum Gabo 
    250914ªº (Night Mix)
  • Arka
  • Wraetlic 
    Ship Of Fools
  • Nick Klein 
    Tabs Of The Idiot Acid
  • Santos Rodrigo
    Road To Rio, Untitled B1
  • Made In Sane (Man Power mix) 
    Flying Circuits (Man Power Remix)
  • Discodromo 
    Guinea (Andy Blake's Edit)
  • Gianna Masaaro
    Cantero Stanotte (Hysteric)
  • Claudja Barry 
    Love For The Sake Of Love (Original 12" Remix)