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Circle Packing w/ Occo

Los Angeles, 16.08.21

Explorations in everything from krautrock and dub to jungle and techno once a month.

Artwork: Kelly Lab, Rice University


  • Naum Gabo 
    Dino (Unreleased Version)
  • Joe Cotch 
    Total X-Scape
  • Khan 
    Give Me More
  • Manhead (Reverso 68 mix) 
    Doop (Reverso 68 Remix)
  • Gatto Fritto
    Invisible Collage
  • NO ID 
    Love Mecanica (Not Love Game)
  • Autarkic 
    Trespassers Unite Ep
  • Rheinzand 
    Like Before
  • Gatto Fritto 
    Clem's Bounce
  • Electric Party 
  • Illaria Berlato
    Vincero (Flemming Dalum Edit)
  • Zwischenschalle
    Flucht 82 (German Version)